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Nobody Girl

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10/17/09 11:38 pm - on the heels of arguing "i don't use my lj!"

Reading old lj comments and banter makes me miss having close friends. And watching Grey's Anatomy. Love christina and meredith.

"He turned me into this fat, stupid, pregnant woman...who cares."

8/31/09 09:44 pm - oh, hey

I'm moving in with my boyfriend in about 14 hours; that's so grown up! Not so grown up: I'm moving in with my boyfriend in about 14 hours and I can't really say I've packed anything yet and I'm watching Greek!

7/17/09 10:05 pm - Jess Text!

"I never trusted walter cronkite!"

7/2/09 09:22 pm

It's dinner time in new york.

8/27/08 01:28 am - there, an entry for 2008

I meant to post this last week cause it brought the lulzCollapse )

11/29/07 01:50 am - internetz

I need to: buy a car while I'm rich.
I want to: have a crush on a boyyyyyyyyyy ugh

10/28/07 07:43 pm

I'm such a Karen!

9/18/07 12:46 am - what to do?

I want to do something kind of stupid right now.

9/15/07 03:40 am - that's a first

tonight i was out at some bar/clubish place whatever and a guy just sits down with us and he was like "hey, were you girls sitting over there earlier?" and we were like "uh we just got here" and he was like "oh i just didn't know what to say when I got over here." AND THEN he literally tried to put his foot in his mouth and was like "I feel like I just put my foot in my mouth!" and then he tried to put his foot in his mouth again. uh, yikes! hahahah.

9/12/07 08:59 pm - changing your heart

I was watching an old episode of The Office that i've never seen last night. Jim is all in love with Pam and during a meeting Pam rests her head on Jim's shoulder and falls asleep. And the last scene is one of those scenes where it seems like the character is being interviewed by the camera crew or something and Jim is smiling and he says "yeah, today, was a good day." It was so cute. That's what I fucking want even though it doesn't actually exist.
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